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Ag in the Classroom

Ag in the Classroom

Agriculture affects us all - Every single day.

Since 1994, Agriculture in the Classroom Sask Inc., has played a pivotal role in educating youth about agriculture through hands-on activities, engaging programs and inquiry-based educational resources.

The Ag in the Classroom team is passionate about inspiring the next generation to care about food and the farmers who grow it.

Our Vision

We have a vision of a Saskatchewan community that understands, appreciates and respects agriculture. The agriculture industry is made stronger by the trust, support, and involvement of well-informed consumers. And right now, the future of agriculture is sitting in classrooms across the province, with their hands enthusiastically raised.

Together we will

  • Inspire students to care about food and the people that produce it,
  • Build trust in Agriculture,
  • Provide accurate, balance, current and science-based information,
  • Foster critical thinking and
  • Encourage students to consider careers in agriculture and food.

Together we are building a stronger agriculture future!


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